9 Tips for Handling Unhappy Roofing Customer Complaints

Dealing with difficult customers

Unfortunately, customer complaints continue to be an area of interest and concern. And in today’s online world, complaints have become even more of a problem as disgruntled customers often post negative comments on social media.

No one likes dissatisfied customers, and most of us take pride in our work in an effort to please our customers. However, it is impossible to please everyone. Hopefully these tips can help you better understand and tackle the problem.

Here are 9 Tips for Handling Unhappy Roofing Customer Complaints!

Tip #1:

Not all customers are good customers. Some are just unhappy in life and no one can please them. It’s fine to fire a customer and agree to disagree.

Tip #2:

No matter how hard we try, things are not as easy to communicate as we hope, and sometimes miscommunication happens. Identify these areas and utilize photos, spec sheets and examples to make sure they are clearly defined.

Tip #3:

Service is about competence, not just being nice. Smile and be pleasant but follow the customer’s lead. Of course always be polite and efficient, but not too talkative or intrusive unless the customer encourages you.

Tip #4:

Train your employees what to do so they won’t try to figure it out as they go along. Make sure your field employees understand it is not their job to solve all customer problems but it is their job to be polite, listen and have the appropriate person contact the customer.

Tip #5:

Complaints are like balloons – when they are full of hot air, balloons and customers are both hard to manage. Once you let out the air, it becomes a lot easier. Listen and let the customer talk. Most reasonable people get upset because they don’t feel heard.

Tip #6:

Writing things down shows the customer you are listening. If you smile or frown, both can be taken the wrong way. If you write things down, people will also be more careful as to what they say.

Tip #7:

Deal with feelings first and facts later. Too often we try to be logical with upset people and we find ourselves going nowhere. Agreeing with their feelings does not mean you are agreeing with their version of the facts. Saying, “I can appreciate how you might feel that way, but …” can be a positive approach to the conversation.

Tip #8:

No matter how hard it is, keep your cool. In most situations, the least emotional person wins. No matter how much you are attached, try not to take it personally.

Tip #9:

The more work you do and the bigger your company gets, the more complaints you will have. It is just math, so don’t be too concerned about it.

The bottom line is that you can’t let a few complaints override the pleasant experience of doing good work and developing a satisfied customer base.

Take pride in what you do and don’t let those few exceptions spoil your attitude or those of your employees.

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