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How to Pitch the Metal Roof Perfectly

As we discussed a few months back at our South Florida Metal Roofing Conference, one of the big problems many contractors face is in their marketing and sales. To put it bluntly, they don’t really have them. Obviously, you’re in the business of roofing, not marketing or selling your services—but you’ll get better results and […]

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Finally… Learn What the Slope of a Roof Is!

Last week, we talked about the questions people often ask their roofing contractors. In general, it’s very helpful to understand the jargon that contractors use so you can better communicate with them. That’s why we’re featuring a series on roofing terminology. We’ll start with the term slope (also known as pitch). What’s a Roof Slope? […]

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The South Florida Metal Roofing Conference

We are very excited to announce another South Florida Metal Roofing Conference in Spring 2014. Our last one was such a success that we have decided to hold one every 6 months for as long as they continue to serve our community of roofers and homeowners. The Details What: Day 1- Seminar about Marketing and […]

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Stay Safe When Installing A Metal Roof

I wanted to share a quick video that briefly shows our safety harness for installing your new metal roof. We sell them so roofers can stay safe as they install metal roofs. We also have some other safety equipment available. We know how important safety is, so we are happy to be meeting those needs […]

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Why YOU Shouldn’t Do Metal Roof Maintenance

So you’ll notice that I emphasized the “you” in that statement. Of course, it’s important to maintain your roof and I would never tell you otherwise. But the truth is, most homeowners are not familiar with metal roofing and the hazards and problems that come up over time. Especially in Miami, Florida, where weather and […]

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Master Lessons in Metal Roofing: Thermal Movement

There was some talk at MetalCon last month about the thermal coefficient of metal roofing materials. It seemed like a topic worth addressing, even briefly, to give you an idea of what it means and why it’s important when you are looking for the metal roof that’s right for you. Thermal Movement: temperature fluctuations throughout […]