How to Hang Christmas Lights on a Metal Roof

Have no fear, you definitely can hang Christmas lights on a metal roof. There are a couple of ways to do the job…that’s what today’s post is all about.

Bright Ideas

Lite-Netics was originally an idea pitched on Shark Tank, but we think it’s pretty great: Christmas lights that are magnetic. No need for staples, clips, hammers, or nails. This is seriously genius!

Metal Master Shop litenetics magnetic christmas lights.

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But, we totally understand if you do not feel like throwing out all your perfectly good Christmas lights. So, here’s another solution for you: the C9 clip. You can insert your lights into these magnetic clips and stick them on your metal roof!

Metal Master Shop 500 C9 magnetic christmas light clips

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It’s that easy!

Let’s Light Up the Night

Here are the things you’ll need:

  • magnetic clips
  • your Christmas lights
  • a ladder

Please note, you may also need another person to stand back and make sure your lines are straight or just hold the ladder steady. If you are really smart, you will get that person to bring you warm drinks as well!

Christmas lights are just a little part of this festive season, and there is no reason a metal roof should make it an all-day task. Work smarter, not harder!


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