How To Hang Christmas Lights On A Metal Roof

At Metal Master Shop, we are proud to be the premier metal roofing supplier in Miami, Florida. We know the incredible benefits that metal roofs offer property owners throughout our region. Though, when it comes to the holiday season we have noticed that some home and business owners have a common question/issue: How do I hang my Christmas lights on a metal roof?

This is an understandable question: most outdoor and decorative holiday lights are designed for gutters and shingle roofs. The good news? There are easy answers. You can absolutely hang your Christmas lights on a metal roof without any more trouble than it takes to put up these lights on a shingle roof or any other type of roof. Here, we provide an overview of the most popular ways to put Christmas lights on metal roofs.

Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights on Your Metal Roof

Keep Your Current Christmas Lights: You Can Use a C9 Clip

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Do you like the Christmas lights that you already have or do you not want to invest any more money into a whole new set of lights? That is no problem at all. There is a very simple solution for hanging holiday lights on a metal roof. You can use an inexpensive product called a C9 clip. This inexpensive fastener will turn all of your Christmas lights into magnetic lights. You simply string your lights into the magnetic C9 clip, and the clip can be attached directly to your metal roof. Well-built C9 clips offer strong support for your Christmas lights.  

When putting these lights up, you should be sure that you do not puncture your metal roof or put any holes in it. Magnetic lights and/or magnetic clips are the best option for hanging your traditional Christmas lights on your roof. They are strong, quick to set up, and easy to take back down. You will have gorgeous, festive Christmas lights up on your home or business in no time.

Get New Christmas Lights: Consider Magnetic Christmas Lights

There are Christmas lights that are built specifically for metal roofing. If you do not yet have holiday lights or you are looking to get new Christmas lights, purchasing these magnetic lights could be the best solution. One of the most popular types of these lights are Lite-Netics.

How does this product work? It is simple — in fact it is far easier than hanging most traditional holiday lights. These Christmas lights use strong magnetic strips instead of traditional fasteners. Instead of getting up a ladder with a hammer and a handful of nails, you simply attach the pre-built magnetic lights onto your metal roof.

Lite-netics actually premiered on the hit television show Shark Tank a few years ago. If you are interested in seeing a very quick demonstration of this product, you can check out the clip from the Shark Tank episode on Youtube.

Remember that Safety Always Comes First  

Finally, our last tip for setting up Christmas lights on a metal roof: please be safe. Fall accidents are one of the leading causes of emergency room trips in the United States. If you are getting on a ladder to put up those Christmas lights, please take your time and make sure that you are always paying the utmost attention to the safety of yourself and your family members.

Always hang up your lights on a day that has great weather conditions. If you need help, make sure you ask for it. While we do not have to worry about ice or snow in South Florida, we certainly do have to worry about rain and wind. Getting a ladder and putting lights on a roof always has the potential to be dangerous. Please be careful. We want you and your family to have the very best holiday season this year.

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