How to Hire a Good Miami Roofer – Part 2 – Working with Your Roofer

So now that you’ve followed part 1 for how to hire a good roofer, you have a nice list of possible Miami roofing contractors to hire and hopefully you’ve gotten some responses. You have done your research about them and feel that they may be good, qualified options.

Step 7: Quotes and Inspections

If a roofer doesn’t respond to your notice, then that’s a good indication that he’s not the one for you. Scratch him off the list and move on to the others who do give you a prompt and informed answer.

Some Miami roofers will give you a quote from your specifications, while others will request a site inspection. Some will do both. Most roofers do inspections for free, so don’t pay for one, if others on your list are offering them with no charge.

Once you’ve received some quotes and had some contractors out for site inspections, gather the data they’ve given you to evaluate them.

Note: make sure you are involved in the site inspection, watch what the roofer does and feel free to ask questions.

How to spot a good technician during an inspection:

  • Walks on the joists and purlins

  • Avoids walking directly on the sheet metal because it can bend and scratch it

  • Minimizes foot traffic as much as possible

  • Carefully cleans debris off the roof to avoid scratches

Step 8: Review the Quotes

The contractors who would like your business will send you their bid, and it’s your choice to go over the details to decide which works best for your needs. Here’s what you should look for in your bids.

Physical address – This should be on the bid and if you can you should even drop by, call or visit the office. Again, this is to weed out possible scammers.

Detailed pricing – The quotes should be broken down into components that you can understand clearly, such as materials and labor. There is usually an additional provision there in case the job takes longer so don’t let them tack on extra costs unnecessarily.

Material quality – More specific details on the materials themselves will appear here,  if they are being provided by your roofer. This may require more research on your part to see if the material listed is low-grade or top of the market. And, of course, we would hope that your materials are from Metal Master Shop in Miami!

Labor details – How many men will work on your project, and what’s their hourly rate? This is where you might see some discrepancies between your different bids. While more men might make a project go faster, with metal roofing, you don’t want too many footsteps on those metal sheets. So keep that in mind and minimize the traffic on your roof.

Payment – How does the contractor want to be paid?  How much is required upfront? Disqualify any roofer who asks for all of it upfront, and be very wary of one that asks for more than 30% before the job is completed.

Discard any contractors that don’t meet the requirements that you’ve set up for your project. At this point, your list should be short and much more manageable.

Step 9: Interviews

This is a good time to meet or at least talk on the phone with the contractors on your final list. Ask them about the following things:

  • Credentials

  • Permits

  • Experience

  • How long their business has been established

  • How many projects they’ve done

  • Their warranty

  • If they have a portfolio of past work or customer references

  • Insurance for workers and your home and materials

  • Additional services like getting permits or cleaning up your property post-construction (which should be included)

Step 10: The Contract

metal roof contract MiamiIf you still have more than just one contractor you can ask them both to draft up contracts. Take your time to thoroughly review them and make your choice. If you ask for one contract and it doesn’t quite fit your desires, don’t be afraid to go to the contractor with your concerns. A roof for your home is a huge investment, and you shouldn’t take it lightly.

Don’t forget the final inspection either. This guide was to help you choose a roofer but if at any point you feel that he is performing a bad installation or overcharging you, do something about it! If you aren’t totally satisfied with the final product, talk to your contractor. Contact the BBB to make a complaint if necessary.

It’s your roof, after all! Make it the one you want and need. And please don’t hesitate to contact us here in Miami with questions about all your metal roofing system needs. We look forward to working with you!


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