Metal Roofing Made Easy

Grab your hardhats and most importantly, your learning caps. It’s time to attend the metal roofing conference that could change your business. I invite you to join contractors from around the country to learn the best training on metal roofing.Metal Master Shop training on metal roofing

The 2015 South Florida Metal Roofing Conference takes place July 21st – 23rd in Miami, Florida. There, you will learn the best practices for installing metal roofing.

Adding another dimension to your roofing repertoire could be the missing piece you are looking for to grow your company and make more money.

The metal roofing business has boomed the past decade, into a $13 billion dollar industry. Come discover the many benefits of metal roofing and learn how easy it is to sell their benefits to your customers.

The Speakers

The three speakers for the summer conference will be Scott Siegal, CEO of Maggio Roofing and President of Certified Contractors Network, Marilyn MacFarlane, who has built three companies’ HR departments from the ground up, and Louis Rondeau, the national teaching training manager at RHEINZINK America.

Each speaker will be sharing their wealth of knowledge in the industry to help your company thrive.

Scott Siegal will be offering insight into the 7 keys you must have in place to guarantee your success. You do not want to miss that!

Hands-On Training

Not only will you receive the best training on metal roofing, but you’ll be able to get down and dirty with it to learn how you properly install it.

For you metal roofing newbies, these workshops are very small in size and you’ll receive one-on-one training with each instructor. So come rub elbows with some of the nation’s most successful contractors so you can put their secrets into practice.


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