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Palm trees in hurricane

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At least, that’s how the song goes… We Love Christmas Here in Miami we only see snow on television, but Christmas comes no matter the weather! And we are thrilled to spend the holidays in the warmth of family and friends. We also want to take a […]

Metal roofing conference presenter

Don’t Miss the Metal Roofing Conference

As you may have already heard, our Metal Roofing Conference is coming up. Mark your calendars for January 21–22, 2015. We think it’s going to be fun and super informative. Meet Brian We have a great lineup for you, and we are pretty excited to announce that Brian Kaskavalciyan will be our key speaker. He […]

Thanksgiving cornucopia

We Are Thankful

The holidays are upon us and we just wanted to take a moment to say how grateful we are for our customers! Seriously, we would not be here without you. Our Traditions Our office is filled with fun people and their crazy families. So, we asked around and gathered everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving traditions. Here’s what […]

metal roofing red roof

What is Galvalume?

Galvalume is a hybrid of sorts. Not like your crazy neighbors’ labradoodle puppy. Galvalume is a combination of galvanized metal and aluminum. It’s a less expensive option than galvanized metal alone. It’s also a bit heavier than pure aluminum which is fairly lightweight. As with all our metal roofs, galvalume offers the same quality. Unlike […]

Home with curb appeal.

Adding Curb Appeal to Your House!

In today’s market, it’s essential that you add curb appeal wherever possible, to help boost your chances for a quick sale! A new roof ranks in the top ten for optimal curb appeal, and we can see why. A leaky, old, and failing roof can result in a negative mark on an inspector’s checklist. So […]

metal roofing red roof

Let the Metal Roofing Pros Lend a Hand!

Here at Metal Master Shop, we encounter a lot of experts who know exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to the building materials they will need for their metal roofing projects, but we are also prepared for those individuals who may not even know where to begin. Our team is highly trained on […]

Metal Master Shop Logo

Diverse and Eager to Help: It’s What We ARE!

At Metal Master Shop, we believe in providing the very best customer satisfaction, and what better way to know how we’re doing than from our client testimonials? Bismarck Rivas of Pontifex Construction in South Florida says that our great team of employees and high-quality service are what make Metal Master Shop his top choice! Our […]

Palm trees in hurricane

Hurricane Season in Full Force

As you might recall, hurricane season lasts from June through November. That means hurricane season is already here! The tropical storm Arthur briefly became a hurricane and hit the east coast around the Fourth of July, before reverting back to a tropical storm and moving on northward. There have been a lot of storms and […]