Are You Losing Jobs and You Don’t Even Know it?

Roofer installing metal roof

“More times than not, when I receive a call for estimates, it will be a referral from a contractor that does not install metal roofing,” says Shirley Delgado.

Shirley is the construction coordinator for Olen Waldrep & Sons Roofing, Inc in Hollywood, FL. When it comes to the market for metal roofing, Florida is a big one. She says metal roofing has increased sales for Olen Waldrep & Sons and it’s bringing in jobs for her business.

“[Other contractors] are therefore losing the opportunity to bid that roof, since they do not install metal. It is the newer product on the market, although it has been around forever, it was not thought of as a design for residential homes,” Shirley says.

If she’s gaining jobs because other contractors don’t install metal roofing, that means someone is losing jobs.

Is it you?

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

All those referrals people like Shirley are getting are coming from somewhere– and they might be coming at your expense.

Even in areas like Miami where metal roofing is popular, some roofing contractors just don’t provide metal roofing solutions to homeowners. When you live close to the ocean and feel the impact of yearly hurricanes, metal roofing is a practical and functional choice.

More homeowners are latching onto the idea that metal roofing can look elegant and charming, too. It fits into the aesthetic feel they want from their homes, and it provides protection against the salty air and the elements.

Metal roofing is also sustainable and environmentally friendly, which is a trend more homeowners are latching onto. They’re concerned for the environment, and they appreciate the lower energy costs associated with metal roofing.

There are other reasons metal roofing is seeing an uptick in popularity, as well.

From James Bush, vice president of sales and marketing, ATAS International Inc:

“As far as residential metal roofing is concerned, metal shingles and tiles have become prevalent in the industry in addition to traditional standing seams… Re-roofing offers the greatest opportunities for contractors. Asphalt shingle products were predominantly used on homes built in the late 90s and early 2000s. These products are now nearing the end of a useful life. During the remodeling process, homeowners often consider upgrades in product selection. Astute contractors should offer metal roofing as an option to homeowners during the consultation phase of a re-roofing project.”

This report confirms the growth of residential metal roofing, as well.

Homeowners are buying in, despite higher initial installation costs. They see the benefits. Why don’t you?

Why You’re not Offering Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is hugely popular and growing in Florida, so it seems like a given that every area contractor should install metal roofing. It frustrates homeowners when they take the time to research a contractor, or get a word of mouth recommendation from a friend, only to find out that contractor doesn’t provide the product or service they want for their home.

We’ve found contractors don’t provide metal roofing because of three main reasons.

Do you fall into any of these categories?

  • You just don’t carry the materials – You’re already trained in asphalt or other roofing installation, so you just don’t worry about carrying the materials. You might even know how to install metal roofing, you just haven’t given it much thought. Your business is doing fine, so what does losing a few jobs here and there to metal roofers matter? The trouble is, you’re probably losing more jobs than you think.
  • You don’t know how to install it – You know roofing requires intense training and education. You already went through training, and possibly even attended continuing education events for other roofing styles. You might be intimidated by learning a whole new world of installation techniques, or you might not think there’s time to learn. We see it often.
  • The recession scared you off – Metal roofing did experience a slight dip during the recession. It costs more upfront for materials than other roofing styles, so many cash-strapped homeowners were avoiding it. Many of those homeowners were avoiding re-roofing projects altogether, though. Now that they’re ready for a new roof because their old roof is falling apart, they’re more likely to choose metal– especially in the Miami area.

Whatever your reason may be, if you’re not providing metal as an option to Florida homeowners, you’re losing real jobs. Each time you give a referral to someone like Shirley Delgado, you’re losing business. She’s grateful for your referral, and her company does great work, so they deserve the business. The homeowner won’t be disappointed with the service her business provides, either. You’ll have a grateful homeowner on your hands, too.

But don’t you wish that homeowner was grateful to you instead– because you installed their metal roof?

How to Earn those Jobs Back

If you’re not installing metal roofing for your customers, there’s good news to go along with all the bad news– it’s easily fixed!

If you’re willing to educate yourself in regards to metal roofing, there’s a world of opportunity out there. You have the opportunity to become more profitable, to satisfy homeowners, and to provide roofing that’s both environmentally friendly and stands the test of time.

If you’re still hesitant, just think of all the jobs you’re missing out on. As a contractor, having a steady flow of jobs is your lifeblood. Learning a new skill and providing a new service opens up a whole new world for your business, and you’ll never have to refer a homeowner who wants metal roofing services you can’t provide, ever again.

  • Training – We regularly hold metal roofing conferences that feature hands-on training for roofers. Expert metal roofing installers show you and your team the latest installation techniques and explain the latest materials. You can read about a past conference here. We’ll have more information on our next conference soon, but you can expect it to happen in 2016.
  • Sales – Our metal roofing eBook can help you learn the metal roofing sales process. You’ll learn why quality is more important to homeowners than the initial cost of metal roofing, and why it’s ideal for the Miami area.

For metal roofing, Florida is an ideal location for contractors. Homeowners want a durable, weather-resistant roof that looks great and stands the test of time. They’re also interested in its sustainability and environmental benefits. As their old roofs decay, they’re looking at metal roofing more and more.

Metal roofing is still growing. If you’re not installing metal roofing, you’re missing out on jobs. Other metal roofers are grateful for your referrals, but isn’t it time you earned those jobs back?



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