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Beautiful Copper Ceiling

Our command of metal has changed our lives and the world around us. This change has come in such a degree that we often define the ages of progression through that mastery. The Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and even the Steel Age.

The Steel Age began when Andrew Carnegie dared to span the Mississippi River with his new steel alloy, at a time when bridges had a 25% failure rate. Many were unsure of its viability and a common myth was that an elephant would not cross an unstable bridge. Carnegie, knowing that he was taking a risk, brought a great crowd to witness a circus elephant make the maiden voyage across his bridge in St. Louis, sparking a great boom in building. Steel was now king.

Prior to this point, few buildings ever reached great heights. Materials simply weren’t strong enough or were too heavy and inflexible. The strength and light-weight of steel spawned skyscrapers, steel shipping, metal roofing, and elevators.

Going Beyond the Obvious

As our mastery of the elements has become greater, the range of materials have increased to better applications of not only steel and iron, but copper, aluminum, and galvalume. We can make it lighter, stronger, and with a better appearance than ever before. With such flexibility now possible, we can apply various metals to our homes in more practical and cosmetically pleasing ways than ever before.

The evolution of metal roofing is an obvious choice for its efficacy, affordability, and durability. Right now, metals are big in home design and decorating; which has been on a steady incline for decades.

We can use metal in other places for the same reason that it is mainstream on the roof: better durability than any other building material, yet it can be engineered for strength and beauty into nearly any design, color, texture, or shape.

Subtle, burnished metal designs are in vogue, whether it is replacing interior walls for warmth and sheen, adding rich light to a room through flooring accents, or in sinuous forms throughout the house. Metal inlays create beautiful accents, particularly when mixed with other materials, such as wood or tile.

Metal allows us to create shapes and designs that wouldn’t be possible with other materials, whether it’s for an intricate accent indoors or something more simple such as a fence. We often use metal in places where brick have traditionally been used, for projects such as custom chimney tops, for example.

Metal is the Material of Choice for This Millennium

Make your next project shine with your creative use of metal materials. This simple change can update a home from run-of-the-mill to being the modern marvel of Miami.

No longer being confined to just the roof, metal is moving its way around the home, too, inside and out. Even simple, plain-Jane corrugated sheet metal can transform a room into a piece of art. The unlit fireplace can now brighten a room, and drab wall paper or paint can be replaced with metal laminate wall coverings that are rich and warm.

If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas on how to utilize metal with your next home makeover, contact the experts at Metal Master Shop. We’ll help take your vision and make it a reality!



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