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Global exports

Our Export Services Are Second to None

Think you can’t get galvalume roofing panels in the Dominican Republic? Think again. Metal Master Shop is proud to offer affordable export services for our friends in the Mexican, the Caribbean, and Latin American regions. We aren’t afraid of a little bit of water; we can help you provide your residents with the best roofing […]

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Product Spotlight – Gerard USA

I love companies that come up with simple and elegant solutions. In the roofing industry, one of the biggest decisions our client’s customers make is what material to use for their roof. This question has had all the same fundamentals of debate since the roof was invented. How permeable is it? Is it energy efficient, […]

Beautiful Copper Ceiling

Make More with Metal

Our command of metal has changed our lives and the world around us. This change has come in such a degree that we often define the ages of progression through that mastery. The Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and even the Steel Age. The Steel Age began when Andrew Carnegie dared to span the Mississippi […]

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What is Galvalume?

Galvalume is a hybrid of sorts. Not like your crazy neighbors’ labradoodle puppy. Galvalume is a combination of galvanized metal and aluminum. It’s a less expensive option than galvanized metal alone. It’s also a bit heavier than pure aluminum which is fairly lightweight. As with all our metal roofs, galvalume offers the same quality. Unlike […]

Metal roofing

Say Hello to Metal Wall Panels

We have a special announcement for all our loyal contractors and roofers. Introducing something very new for us: wall panels! These are metal panels similar to the metal roofing we’re known for, perfect for both inside and outside a home. How We Got Panel Fever We agreed to fulfill a metal wall panel request once […]

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We’re Known for Our Legendary Turnaround Times

At Metal Master Shop, we understand the needs of the people who come to us for metal roofing, including: Roofers Architects Installers Construction crews We know that when you decide to get quotes on various projects, you want the answer yesterday! We’ve taken your needs to heart, and that’s why we work hard to get […]