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Roll of hot metal

Miami’s One Stop Metal Shop

Being the top metal roof provider in Miami means being a one-stop shop for the area’s contractors. We’re able to provide the products and services a builder in south Florida needs, because we, in turn, can rely on top-notch suppliers to get us the quality product and tools needed to get the job done. When […]

Rising Miami sea levels

Climate Change: We Can All Help!

You’ve probably seen it yourself. If not, you’ve heard about it on NPR or read about it in the Miami Herald. A new study from the University of Miami shows the rate of sea-level rise has tripled over the last decade in South Florida. Miami Beach is working hard to combat the effects of climate […]

metal roofing shingle imitation

Which Roof Would You Choose?

Picture your dream home… If money was not a factor, which roofing material would you select? Metal, Tile, or Shingle. Recently, we did a random survey of 500 Florida residents with this very question. Do these results surprise you? What Women (and Men) Want… Overall, Tile was the winner at 44.8%. Metal was a close […]

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Are Coatings Important for Your Metal Roof?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Coatings are very important for your metal roof. They have specific properties and purposes that will help to lengthen the lifetime of your roof, while cutting down on potential maintenance and repair issues. Kynar Drexel, our main supplier of metal roof material, uses Kynar on the aluminum and galvalume roofs. It is a […]

Aged copper roof on church

Going Green: All About Copper Patina

As I said in the last blog, copper roofing is becoming popular again. I say “again” because looking back at history, it’s been used for many centuries as a favorite roofing material. The patina that forms on copper roofs is a result of weathering and changes in the chemical composition of the metal. It’s a […]