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Being the top metal roof provider in Miami means being a one-stop shop for the area’s contractors. We’re able to provide the products and services a builder in south Florida needs, because we, in turn, can rely on top-notch suppliers to get us the quality product and tools needed to get the job done.

When the experts at Metal Master Shop talk roofing, the conversation inevitably turns to Petersen Aluminum. They’ve spent more than 50-years in the metal roofing market making innovations, developing new products, and being focused on the future of the industry.

Why Do We Love Petersen Aluminum?

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They make us look good. When our customers have a deadline, we know we have what they need, when they need it, so they stay on schedule. Need a specific color or a unique tool to make a project work? Miami’s metal roofers come to us because they know we can help them out, hook them up, and have them back on the job site in record time.

We’re able to do this because great suppliers like Petersen are so reliable and consistent. Their reliability not only makes us look good, but allows us to focus on our customers in a personal way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible if we had to be worried about where our next shipment was going to come from.

Petersen Aluminum has done well for more than 50 years now, by paying attention to detail and responding to consumer needs. They have shown their commitment to their products through their own quality control program, always striving for higher standards.

“As a result of this ongoing program, the product that goes out the door is as good or better than anything available in the commercial market, and field issues with our product have become practically nonexistent,” Mike Petersen (CEO) says.

Their focus on the future provides a steady stream of relevant, new products with reliable warranties (warranties are useless if the manufacturer is no longer around). Their strong national sales base and regional production facilities means a good cost economy and a large inventory that can reach us (and you) quickly.  

It’s a Team Effort

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At Metal Master Shop, we only work with suppliers who care about metal roofing as much as we do. Our primary concern is that our Miami roofers be able to come in with any type of project needs, requests, or custom orders and we can say, “no problem.”

Petersen Aluminum Corporation has come a long way from their humble beginnings. They’ve been an incredible help to our shop due to their quality and dependability, and together, we’ve been able to help contractors in the Miami-Dade area with projects that we can all be proud of.

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