Celebrate Our Independence Day – Miami Style

Fireworks over Miami

There is a lot more to my identity than just being a metal roof provider. I am also a family member, part of our diverse Miami community, and a citizen of this great country.

When it comes to celebrating the Independence Day of our nation, folks in Miami aren’t limited to backyard barbecues, sparklers, and colorful smoke bombs. We have a wide range of exciting choices for big eats, big meals, and even bigger thrills.

The Top Events in Miami for July 4th, 2016

America’s Birthday Bash at Bayfront Park

If you want to see the Miami skyline explode in a thrilling fashion, without worrying about Armageddon, then break out your blankets and picnic baskets and head to Bayfront Park. This event is free and offers complimentary food, drinks, and children’s activities, too.

Miami Beach’s Fire on the Fourth Festival

If your Independence Day needs a little more soul, then join the sunburned throngs at Miami Beach for some funk. There will not only be fireworks exploding (as any proper celebration should include), but there will also be performances by The Family Stone and Grand Funk Railroad. The annual Fire on the Fourth Festival is a top-notch event.

Fourth of July Parade – Key Biscayne

If you’re looking to make a day of it with your family, you can hardly do better than the celebrations at Key Biscayne. The parade of patriotism is a favorite for families, including marching bands, stilt walkers, and bagpipes, as well as a lot of local flavor. See the parade and fireworks for free, and for a small price your family can enjoy the legendary, savory barbecue!

Old-Fashioned July Fourth

Is Independence Day just not traditional enough for you anymore? Take a step back in time with a period-inspired day at the Barnacle. This historic site will bring back that old-timey feel with scavenger hunts, kite making, and knot demonstrations, along with a host of other traditional activities before iPhones took over our lives. You can bring your own lunch or experience typical fare of the 18th century for this old-fashioned picnic.

Miami – It’s pretty great

Fourth of July in Miami

We not only live in one of the best countries in the world, but arguably one of the best cities in that country. We should thank our stars and stripes that we’ll be eating burgers and drinking cold brews this weekend, instead of forcing down haggis, buttered eel, or marmite!

From many, one.

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