Are Coatings Important for Your Metal Roof?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Coatings are very important for your metal roof. They have specific properties and purposes that will help to lengthen the lifetime of your roof, while cutting down on potential maintenance and repair issues.


Drexel, our main supplier of metal roof material, uses Kynar on the aluminum and galvalume roofs. It is a very popular coating, perhaps the most popular.

It is a thick barrier coating that is very resistant to wear and weathering. It’s the perfect fit for a roof coating because it can withstand much of the impacts and issues that cause common roof maintenance problems.

This picture is of an asphalt roof (so disregard that portion of it) but it shows the difference in reflective ability from before and after the Kynar coating (specifically a paint coating in this instance). This application is used more often in cool roofing.

kynar coating roof

And here is a video that shows one of the machines that is commonly used to coat the metal. It’s incredible that metal can be so flexible at one point and then so sturdy after they are finished into roof seams.

Do’s and Don’ts of Metal Roof Coatings

This subheading is a bit of a misnomer. There’s really not much for you to DO regarding metal roof coatings other than to get one!

 But something you DON’T want to do is weld metal roofing material. It destroys the coatings and exposes the metal to the Miami elements. It can cause early rusting and other forms of degradations that could seriously jeopardize the lifespan and performance of your roof.

Basically in all situations, an important rule of thumb is that the coating protects the metal, which protects you and your home. If the coating is scratched, dented, melted, or destroyed in any way, then you have exposed metal on your roof. This metal will still be a good roof for a while, but not nearly as long or as well as if the coating remained intact.

Trust Us, We’re Experts!

So don’t try to make any fabrication changes to your metal roof once it leaves our facility. We are the experts and we know how to work with the metal without ruining the important coating.

And for maintenance needs after your metal roof is installed, talk to a professional with metal roof experience. They will know how to walk on the roof and inspect it without causing more damage.


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