We Bend Steel Like Superman at Metal Master Shop!

Metal Master Shop Miami Superhero siloheutte

Yeah, you read that right. We are basically superheroes. Well, we might use a few machines here and there to help out…

At Metal Master Shop, we do the processing and shaping of the metal that will become the roof of a Miami home.

The Roof

As the roofer, you interface with the client directly. Their home has very specific dimensions, angles, pitch, shapes, and needs. We use your measurements and information to change a piece of metal into a piece of roof.

Because of the uniqueness of each roof, the metal you purchase for it has to be made to fit that roof specifically.

And not just the shape but also the material that is used. Galvalume is a big seller but there are also some other varieties, including copper roofs.

Depending on what the client wants (if they like the copper patina look, for example) or if they have very specific roof constraints (like a steep pitch), the metal will need to be chosen carefully.

metal roof manufactureThe Metal

We get the metal in sheets or rolls. With the dimensions you give us, we can bend and set the metal roof material into the right shape. We also create the standing seams for your installation process.

Drexel is our main supplier. They have several different metal types, both coated and uncoated and using a few different alloys. They also have paint systems that give a huge diversity of color options for clients to choose from.

One of, if not THE, most popular coating is Kynar. Drexel uses it on aluminum and galvalume roofs. We have a lot of experience working with it.

So for your next metal roofing project, come to the superheroes at Metal Master Shop. We know what we are doing and back it up with our integrity in giving you a high quality product.


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