Our Best Selling Metal Roof: Galvalume 24 Gauge

I just wanted to highlight our best selling metal roof material: Galvalume. It’s the most popular choice for Florida residents for a few reasons.

What is Galvalume? This is a steel coil roof material that is coated in a 45% zinc and 55% aluminum coating.  It’s been around for decades.

#1: Good corrosion protection

Aluminum is a barrier type protective layer, which means that the steel underneath won’t get scratched up so easily. Zinc is a sacrificial barrier type, which means that it actually corrodes faster than the steel and disappears little by little while the steel underneath stays strong. As you can imagine, combining the two offers a great protection to the underlying steel roofing material. There are drawbacks, but given our Florida climate, this is still a great option for building.

#2: Not as expensive

Galvalume is a very cost effective option for many buyers. It will vary based on the type you use and other protective coatings that you can get with it, but it is consistently more affordable than some of the other options. It has great longevity and this contributes to the cost savings over time. Be sure to check the warranty length as part of your process for finding the right roof.

#3: Miami-Dade approved

If you want to know more about this you can talk to us or your contractor, but the long and short of it is that Galvalume is approved for use in the county building codes. We have the most stringent codes in the country, so you know it’s a good roof when it works for us here in Florida.

#4: Aesthetic appeal

It is a nice looking roofing material. While it does sometimes retain stains, that can easily be remedied by adding an extra thin coat of protection before installation.

As far as low sloped roofs are concerned, galvalume is the leader of the pack. This is true of metal roofs across the country as well as here in Florida.


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