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Beautiful Copper Ceiling

Make More with Metal

Our command of metal has changed our lives and the world around us. This change has come in such a degree that we often define the ages of progression through that mastery. The Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and even the Steel Age. The Steel Age began when Andrew Carnegie dared to span the Mississippi […]

Trend – Corrugated Metal Wall Panels

Corrugated metal is not just for roofing old barns anymore. The new trend is to use it indoors. On your walls, specifically. I found some fun examples on Houzz… I always find inspiration on Houzz. Where Can I use Corrugated Wall Panels? Can I Use Corrugated Panels on my Bathroom Walls? I was thinking the […]

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Metal Roof Porch

You can’t go wrong with a metal porch roof. Whether you opt for standing seam metal roofs, metal shingles or shakes, or even patio covers and metal awnings, upgrading your porch roof can add instant value and significantly reduce your overall maintenance and costs. Installing a metal porch roof can possibly save you money on heating […]