Are Your Roofing Products Miami-Dade Approved?

Metal Master Shop contractor looking at product approval

As metal suppliers in Miami, we know Miami-Dade County has some stringent requirements on roofing products. We know which materials are approved for use in the area, and which materials are not.

If you want to work as a roofing contractor in Miami, knowing the county’s requirements is a must. It’s your job to ensure every product you provide to homeowners is Miami-Dade approved. Some contractors are less concerned with those rules– but they’re likely not the contractors who further their craft with education, training, and online research.

If you’re here on our blog, we assume you care about doing things the right way. You care about your customer, the homeowner, and you care about your home.

The truth is, providing great roofing services in Miami-Dade requires a little extra work and effort. If you’re a good contractor here, you can expect a great and rewarding career. If you’re not dedicated, you can easily slip up and violate the County’s guidelines.

Doing Your Homework: It Takes Time

Ask any roofing contractor and they’ll tell you– time is precious. It’s in short supply and big demand. By necessity, though, the roofing world is full of small details. The willingness to address those details, be they homeowner questions or county building regulations, is the difference between a great contractor who does things right the first time, and a mediocre contractor who barely gets by on doing “just enough.”

The great contractor and the mediocre contractor will both tell you they wish they had more time.

So, how do you spend your time? As a roofer in Miami, you probably spend a fair amount of time assessing products and materials. Taking the time to ensure all your products are Miami-Dade approved isn’t a quick process. For ethical contractors like you, though, it’s essential.

Putting in the research for an accurate estimate, answering all of a homeowner’s questions, managing overhead, training employees, checking on each job, managing your team, driving from job site to job site– these things all add up.

But somehow, you have to find the time to ensure every product you install is Miami-Dade approved. There’s just no getting around it. Following the County’s guidelines makes for happy homeowners and a happy community. And it means you’re an ethical contractor.

So, where does the time come from?

A Worry-Free Partnership

There’s no product or service in the world that will grant you a 25 hour day. You just can’t pull time out of thin air. You can only learn to work faster, sacrifice time away from work, or cut corners.

Fortunately, there’s another way. Instead of worrying about Miami-Dade approval, and using your valuable time to make sure every product is approved, why not just work with Metal Master Shop instead? We’ve been metal suppliers in Miami for years, so we know the ropes.

Our team knows which products are and are not approved for installation in Miami-Dade. That’s something we have to specialize in, and it’s something we gladly keep up with.

As another plus, all the products we carry are Miami-Dade approved. That means you, the roofing contractor, can rest assured your products will pass approval. There’s no homework, no guesswork, and no extra time taken out of your already-busy life.

Here are two of the products we carry that are popular with roofers and their customers:

  • Drexel – Drexel provides materials in many different colors and styles. Galvalume and aluminum are both popular in the Miami-Dade area, and we carry mechanical seam panels, snap lock panels, and more.
  • Berridge – Berridge’s galvalume zee lock panels are extremely popular with roofing contractors. Homeowners love their elegant look and functionality, as well as their color variety. Many standout luxury homes in Miami-Dade use Berridge products, but they’re good for most any homeowner looking to upgrade their biggest investment– their home.

Instead of worrying and spending time making sure all of your products are Miami-Dade approved, why not let us handle it? We offer a variety of products and do custom work, so you can ensure you can provide your customers with their dream roof.

As an ethical contractor, you can’t just ignore the rules. You can spend the extra time vetting your roofing materials, or you can save time and energy by working with Metal Master Shop. The choice is yours.


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