Luxury Upgrades to Increase Miami Home Value

Copper gutters and rainspout

As a metal supply company in Miami, we work with roofers every day. We know many of your favorite jobs come from luxury homeowners. Just like everyone else, affluent customers are interested in increasing their home’s value and getting a positive return on investment– especially on their roof.

They don’t just want a new roof. They want top-of-the-line upgrades. They’re not expert roofers, though, so that’s where you come in.

As a roofer, you can become more profitable and keep your customers happy by making good roofing suggestions that provide aesthetic upgrades, an increased quality of life, and a positive ROI for their homes.

There’s much more to luxury roofing upgrades than materials, however. Quality roofing materials and proper installation are your bread and butter, but sometimes homeowners want you to dig a little deeper.

Here are a few suggestions.

Copper Accents

Among the most successful roofers we work with, copper accents are a popular upgrade choice. Their customers like the sophisticated look of copper, but they also appreciate its practicality and functional value.

Affluent homeowners are drawn to copper rain gutter accents, downspouts, rain chains, roof accents, weathervanes, and chimney tops.

As they often do, This Old House says it best:

“The well-known green patina that copper develops actually protects it from corrosion, making it a good choice for roofs, gutters, and anywhere a material is exposed to the elements. And it’s virtually maintenance free, making it perfect for cupolas, weathervanes, and other hard-to-reach locations.”

If you install copper accents properly, they can last a lifetime– a hundred years, easily. It’s especially popular for older homeowners because it requires almost no upkeep or maintenance.

Really, any luxury homeowner will appreciate a good investment that doesn’t require additional time to maintain. Once you install copper accents, they keep looking good all on their own.

Metal Roofing

When you think of luxury roofing, you probably think of two materials: tile and metal. Tile is a popular choice in the Miami area, but metal is ideal for a number of reasons. It’s environmentally friendly, it’s perfect for South Florida’s climate, and requires minimal maintenance. It also weighs less than tile, meaning more homes are ready for metal roofing installation without extra structural work.

Tile color can easily fade over time, as well. It is a popular choice, and you will encounter luxury homeowners who are dead set on tile, which is their prerogative. Tile is decidedly less eco-friendly than metal, which matters more and more to today’s luxury homeowners.

Metal roofing is a real upgrade, though, because of its longevity and durability. It’s perfect for our climate, and upkeep is minimal. It can also easily save the homeowner money on heating and cooling costs, and can be made from recycled material– and recycled when it’s uninstalled.

Most importantly, metal roofing increases a home’s value. Especially in the South Florida luxury home market, it will provide positive ROI for homeowners. And those homeowners provide your most profitable jobs.

Solar Panels, Etc.

While we’re on the subject of profitable jobs and eco-friendliness, we need to discuss solar panels. For Florida luxury homeowners, solar isn’t a hard sell like it is in less sunny states. But your favorite customers didn’t become affluent by wasting money– they still want to know about the ROI.

As of this year, one in 100 houses has solar panels installed. According to Time, that’s more than 46 times the amount of solar homes had a decade ago. Most solar setups will save homeowners between $100-200 per month, which is likely most of their electric bill.

So, what’s the ROI? Most homeowners should recoup their investment in under 10 years, and it might be closer to five years with larger, luxury homes in South Florida.

If you’re working with a homeowner who’s interested in solar, you can direct them to this solar ROI calculator.

It’s worth noting that a major solar tax credit, worth 30% of installation cost, is set to expire this year. You can create a sense of urgency if someone is on the fence about solar.

One more suggestion: A properly-installed attic fan, coupled with smart insulation, can also help reduce energy costs and prevent weather damage and mold. We like this guide from Energy Star, and it’s a good resource for interested homeowners.

Chances are, luxury homeowners are your favorite customers. As a metal supply company in Miami, we want you to make the most of working with these homeowners so you can increase your profitability.

Just like every homeowner, they’re looking for a positive return on investment on their home. As a roofer, you can make these simple suggestions that will result in a better job for you and a more valuable home for them. It’s a win/win scenario.


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