“Fastener Corrosion Update” – Full Details About Issues with 1-1/4-inch Coil Nails

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Corrosion in Coil Nails

You have probably heard about the corrosion issues with 1-1/4-inch coil nails. This very informative article “Fastener Corrosion Update” from Florida Roofing magazine will give you all the details and offer a wider perspective in the matter.

Learn about the research project and the updates taking place. Know about the Cylic Corrosion Tester, a machine specifically purchased for roofing fastener corrosion at the University of Florida. The research took approximately two years, and it has shed a lot of light on the way roofers look at these roofing accessories. Corrosion of a nail is an issue that can damage many aspects of a perfectly good roof. While that may not represent a huge impact in some places where humidity and precipitation are not a big deal, here in Florida, corrosion in the nails will quickly become a big problem.

We feel it is important to keep you in the loop of what is happening in your industry. Being a roofer, especially in South Florida, means that you must be on top of your game with all the latest information. You are held liable for abiding to the toughest building code in the nation. Taking that into consideration, it is imperative that you keep up to date. Metal Master Shop is here to help you along the way.

Please refer to pages 10-11 in the digital version of the publication we have linked for you in this post. Click on the “Click to read” button and use the left and right arrows to move from one page to another.

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