Berridge, The Best Metal Roofing in Miami. Period.

It has finally come! We’re excited to announce our partnership with Berridge Manufacturing Company. We are now South Florida’s exclusive certified distributor for their high-end products. We can’t wait for our loyal customers to start enjoying their amazing products as much as we do!

Metal Master Shop Best in metal roofing

And guess what?

Since we strive to provide the best metal roofing products, we leased a machine that allows us to produce Berridge’s Zee-Lock metal roofing system. Yep, that’s right! Manufactured right here, on the spot. Pretty awesome, right?

Quality Products Bring Quality Customers

We are dedicated to supplying the best metal roofing products to all roofing contractors in Miami. Offering quality products means you can count on enjoying quality customers. The Zee-Lock metal roofing system just adds to our high-end metal roofing products.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for a fast quote on any of Berridge’s products.

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We’ll See You Soon!

We can tell you’re already as excited as we are to supply the Zee-Lock metal roofing system! If you need other products from Berridge, we supply those as well!



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