The 5 Essential Safety Tools all Roofers Need

So, you’ve been in the roofing game for quite some time now and have a well-established business. Our guess is, you probably enjoy working with quality products (who doesn’t?) that you can pick up at a reasonable price, as well?

Your roofing equipment seems to be enough, but are you missing anything that could make your job easier, safer, and more efficient?

Metal Master Shop roofing equipment

Let’s take a look at the most imperative safety tools you will need for your company.

Be Safe by Using These 5 Items at ALL Times!

The last thing that you want for yourself or an employee is to sustain an injury, of any kind,  on the job. Take all the necessary precautions to ensure catastrophes don’t happen. Our top suggestions, below.

Here are five items you need to be using at every job.

  • Steel-toed boots – You’re certainly not going to put on a roof wearing your sneakers. You’re working with heavy products that could possibly fall. And as Murphy’s Law would have it, everything tends to fall right on our feet! Protect your feet (and those toes) by always wearing  a pair of these.
  • Harness – These are especially important when working on steep roofs. Last I checked, metal roofing can be very slippery. Harnesses are very easy to wear and will give you the peace of mind knowing you’re strapped in and won’t be hitting the ground, should you take a step in the wrong direction. Harnesses are hooked up with a rope and lanyard to the roofing panels.
  • Hard hats – Gotta protect that noggin. Enough said!
  • Protective eyewear – This is probably the most important safety tools to employ. Flying nails and metal shards can move fast. Eyesight is an asset, keep it.
  • Gloves – If you wear gloves while pulling weeds, wear them while roofing. Cuts, scrapes, and finger jams are just waiting to wreak havoc on uncovered hands. Your hands are your ultimate working “tools.”

The Tools for More Success

Metal roofing equipment? ☑

Safety equipment? ☑

Now’s the time to take your well-established roofing company to the next level.

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