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Metal Master Shop roofing equipment

The 5 Essential Safety Tools all Roofers Need

So, you’ve been in the roofing game for quite some time now and have a well-established business. Our guess is, you probably enjoy working with quality products (who doesn’t?) that you can pick up at a reasonable price, as well? Your roofing equipment seems to be enough, but are you missing anything that could make […]

Magnetic sweeper tool

Magnetic Sweeper Solves Everything (Almost)

After you finish working on your home repairs there are lots of little “spare” screws laying around. Do you really take the time to pick them all up? If there are small children or curious pets around, you probably should. Enter the: Hand Held Magnetic Sweep. Image Credit   I’m Trying Not to Sound Like […]

Protect your home from the elements

Sheltered for Decades with a Metal Roof Warranty

It comes as no surprise that Metal Master Shop’s favorite things to blog about are the reasons why you should purchase a metal roof for your Miami home. Today, I just want to remind you about the great value and ROI of metal roof warranties on your roof. Protection from Life’s “Storms” Metal roof manufacturers […]

Metal Master Shop Back Pain

Stay Safe When Installing A Metal Roof

I wanted to share a quick video that briefly shows our safety harness for installing your new metal roof. We sell them so roofers can stay safe as they install metal roofs. We also have some other safety equipment available. We know how important safety is, so we are happy to be meeting those needs […]

A+ grade

Growing Popularity Among Metal Roofing In South Florida

Growing Popularity Among Metal Roofing In South Florida      Metal roofing is the growing choice of roofing material among southern Florida homeowners and currently accounts for about 10-14% of all re-roofing jobs in the United States. They are most popular in Southeastern states, like Florida, where tropical storms are a threat. There are several reasons why […]