Growing Popularity Among Metal Roofing In South Florida

Growing Popularity Among Metal Roofing In South Florida     

Metal roofing is the growing choice of roofing material among southern Florida homeowners and currently accounts for about 10-14% of all re-roofing jobs in the United States. They are most popular in Southeastern states, like Florida, where tropical storms are a threat.

There are several reasons why they are growing in popularity. First, homeowners are not as transient as they used to be. More and more homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes as they age. Since they can last more than five decades, homeowners who choose them know that they won’t need to replace it again. Most manufacturers offer 50-year warranties for their products. With just a little maintenance, they can last up to 75 years.

Other reasons include the following:

Strength & Durability Benefits.  Metal roofs withstand all weather conditions, from large amounts of rain, to hail and high winds. They do not rot, which eliminates the possibility for insect damage. Additionally, they do not absorb water and moisture, crack or peel. They are also resistant to mildew and decay.

Cost Benefits.  Metal roofs cost more than most other roofing types. There are many variables that will determine the cost of a new metal roof, including size, material, pitch, accessibility, permits and any special labor costs associated with your roofing project. Homes with metal roofs are known for their higher resale values.

Safety Benefits.  Those benefits include fire and hail resistance, plus strong performance under hurricane conditions, including meeting the very strict code for Miami-Dade County, Fla. One of the greatest advantages of metal roofs is that they are fire-resistant.

Environmental Benefits.  There are several factors that make metal roofing environmentally-friendly, including that most can be installed over an existing roof. Installing metal roofing over an existing roof eliminates waste from a roof tear-off which would otherwise end up in a landfill. They are often made from recycled material, and metal roof materials can be recycled.

Energy Efficiency. Metal roofing is a popular choice amongst Miami homeowners as it also reflects a considerable amount of the sun’s energy. This in turn may help people save money throughout the life of the roof in respect to power and heating costs. If people opt for a light-colored roof, it enables about 20% reduction in the air conditioning operating costs during the summer. Metal roofing can also reduce the homeowner’s insurance.

Environmental Attributes.  Metal roofing can be constructed from a high proportion of recycled material, which makes it popular with environmental activists and advocates. It is also much lighter than other tiles and coverings and puts minimum tension and pressure on beams and walls of the home.


Design Benefits.  There are many color choices and design schemes available in metal roofing materials. Painted metal is available in almost any color.

As a roofing contractor, you can benefit greatly by offering metal roofing to your southern Florida customers.

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