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Metal Roofs: Long Durability & Low Maintenance

Many home and business owners who are tired of costly roof repairs, cracked and peeling shingles, rotting shakes and broken tiles are replacing their current roof with metal roofing.  Metal roofing is a compelling alternative in today’s search for a durable, maintenance-free roofing solution that stands up to severe environmental hazards like those sometimes experienced in the southern Florida area.

Asphalt and modified bitumen have previously been the most common choice when it comes to selecting a roofing material for home and business owners.  However in more recent years, standing seam metal roofing has increased in popularity as it has decreased in cost and its durability, protection and flexibility have increased.

Metal roofs have long been popular for their aesthetics and long-term performance characteristics, particularly their strength, durability and low-maintenance costs. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, an estimated 5 to 8 million U.S. households enjoy the benefits of metal roofs.  This growth is a result of improved styling and color choices, proven long-term performance and durability, increased consumer and contractor education, and growing emphasis on fire and seismic risk reduction.

Despite being surprisingly lightweight, metal roofing is extremely sturdy. It’s non-combustible, offering the highest fire-retardant rating available. In addition, it stands up to hail, wind and severe storms and often comes with a 30-year+ warranty.

For all of the work that a roof does, you would expect it to be a part of a maintenance plan that home and business owners  take very seriously; but unfortunately it’s a factor that is often overlooked until the worst happens. Many home and business owners do not maintain their roof  – or even have it checked on a regular basis – but prevention is a much better option than a cure. By being proactive and having regular checks on your roof, you can prevent costly repairs when the weather becomes severe.

Metal roofs, however, are strong and require little-to-no maintenance.  Most other roof types require inspection on a regular basis to check for any structural problems or areas that may need to be repaired. This is not required for a metal roof. Of course, if the roof gets damaged by a falling branch or a hail storm, you will want to have it inspected; otherwise, it’s virtually maintenance free.

While the up-front costs of installing metal roofing is typically higher than traditional roofing such as shingle, the long-term costs are generally lower than other roofing material alternatives. Little maintenance cost, less repair expenses and longer life-span contribute to the long-term cost savings associated with metal roofing.

Additionally, some states sponsor energy efficiency programs that offer financial incentives and tax-credits for home and business owners who choose to install metal roofing. Some insurance companies even offer discounted insurance rates for having metal roofing as your roof surface.

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