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Let’s talk seriously about your safety procedures

Safety Begins Before the Metal Roof or Gutter Installation Does Let’s talk seriously about your safety procedures. Standing seam metal roofs are an increasingly popular roof option for residential construction because of their durability and energy efficiency.  As with roof work, using any type of materials, construction employees working at heights of 6 feet or more must be protected […]

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Oil Canning – Roofing’s Elephant in the Room

Artists have to get their inspiration from somewhere, even when they work with metal roofing. For the world-famous architect, Frank Gehry, that original inspiration came from the Inland Steel Building in Chicago. It’s a big commercial high-rise building, built in the 50’s, and when Frank looked at it from just the right angle, he saw […]

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Does Color Fade on a Metal Roof?

The short answer: No. Because, we use Kynar paint to seal our metal panels. It never fades even under the harsh Florida sun. It just won’t quit. You’ve seen Kynar all over the world. Monumental architecture around the world features Kynar metal coating. Philadelphia, Shanghai, Las Vegas, Paris… and every single metal roof we sell/install […]

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Metal Roof Myths

There are a lot of myths in the metal roofing industry. I thought it would be fun to talk about them. Some of the myths are true and some aren’t! Is the metal hot when it’s being formed? No! When we are making the metal roofing panels, it is not heated. We actually run the […]

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Do metal roofs affect cell phone reception?

We got a super interesting question the other day. Someone wanted to know if metal roofs would affect their cell phone reception. This is honestly a question we’ve never been asked before. But the short answer is NO. Metal roofs will not interfere with cell phone reception. If you do have a weak signal in […]

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Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs: Long Durability & Low Maintenance Many home and business owners who are tired of costly roof repairs, cracked and peeling shingles, rotting shakes and broken tiles are replacing their current roof with metal roofing.  Metal roofing is a compelling alternative in today’s search for a durable, maintenance-free roofing solution that stands up to […]