Metal Roof Myths

There are a lot of myths in the metal roofing industry. I thought it would be fun to talk about them. Some of the myths are true and some aren’t!

Is the metal hot when it’s being formed?


Metal Panels

When we are making the metal roofing panels, it is not heated. We actually run the metal through a machine that bends and forms it. The machine is called a Roll Former.

We attach the coil to the Roll Former. It pulls the coil in and forms the metal. It even gives it the grooves and the standing seam form.

Rollformers didn’t exist until World War II and they really changed things in the metal industry. Before that, every panel was made one at a time. Not only is this a faster process, but it is a much more precise system.

If you are interested in watching how this works, you can watch the video we posted last week on the blog.

Are metal roofs bright?

Yes, metal roofs are bright.

Galvalume roofs are especially bright. You can (and should) wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Do get metal roofs get hot to the touch?

Yes, metal roofing gets hot. But most of the time, it won’t be hot enough to burn you.

If it’s very bright out, the metal will get hot. That’s because it is reflecting the heat instead of absorbing it. The heat is reflected back into the atmosphere and keeps the home cool. Other roof materials will absorb the heat, rather than reflect it.

If the metal roof is hot, will my house be hot?

Metal Roofing MiamiActually, the metal roof helps insulate the house. Obviously, standard insulation will help even more to keep out the heat.

So, the heat won’t burn you, but we recommend that you wear proper attire to protect yourself.

Brightness vs. Reflectivity

Brightness and reflectivity are two different things. Just because a metal roof is bright doesn’t mean it reflects heat well.

FLP (Florida Power and Light) has a rebate for having a metal roof that reflects heat at a certain rate. Our Drexel Metals have reflectivity ratings so your customers can pick one that qualifies.

Different coatings and colors have different ratings. You would think that a white coating would reflect the most. Actually, a certain shade of green has a better rating.

According to FPL, “The annual energy savings would be approximately $200 based on energy costs of 12 cents/kilowatt hour.”

There you have it. Just a few myths involving metal roofs!


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