Does Color Fade on a Metal Roof?

The short answer:

No. Because, we use Kynar paint to seal our metal panels. It never fades even under the harsh Florida sun. It just won’t quit.

You’ve seen Kynar all over the world.

Monumental architecture around the world features Kynar metal coating.

Philadelphia, Shanghai, Las Vegas, Paris… and every single metal roof we sell/install comes sealed with an everlasting Kynar coating.

Metal Master Shop Color Choices

Our only exception is, of course, copper, but we love the patina of a time worn copper roof.

metal master shop worn copper with petina

What Are My Color Choices?

We’ve included very handy color charts on our Resources page. There are so many colors available that if you are one of those people who is paralyzed by having to commit to a decision – like the color of your metal roof – take a deep breath and find your happy place first.

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