Metal Roofs: Your Green Roofing Alternative

All the metal roofs you see in Miami (and anywhere else, for that matter) are 100% recyclable – making them a great “green” roofing alternative.

A recent craze to create a green roof is to make a rooftop garden! This isn’t the kind of green roof I’m going to be talking about, though.


Metal Master Shop doesn’t waste metal!

There are several steps in the metal roof-making process. And at each one, we are careful to be green and sustainable.

Step 1: Manufacturing the Metal

Drexel Metals is one of our main suppliers for metal roof material.  They use recycled metal from both consumer and industrial sources. They are compliant with LEED certification for energy efficiency ratings. Getting your metal roof material from them can help you achieve a sustainable and energy efficient home.

Step 2: Forming the Metal

We take our metal mastery seriously! With our Roll Former machine, we can actually use every bit of the metal rolls that we get from the manufacturer.

We also offer custom metal roof work if you have unique valleys, eave strips, or flashing, for example. In these instances, it might require some folding and cutting. Any of the pieces left over after projects like these are recycled.

Step 3: Installation and Longevity

Metal is longer-lasting than other roofing material. Instead of paying for two or even three shingle roofs over the course of 30 years, you might only need to purchase and install one metal roof in that time!

Step 4: Recycle It!

Metal is the only roofing material you can recycle. You might even get money back when you take your metal roofing to a recycling facility and some installers will even give you a scrap credit for it!

Tile, shingles, and asphalt are all worthless once their lifetime as your roof is over. You even have to pay to have it taken to the city dump.

I found several different statistics about the amount of roof waste being generated each year in America. The one that astounds me is for asphalt shingles: a whopping 11 million tons each year!

Metal can be recycled and made into many other products! Can your old shingles do that?

What else makes a metal roof the greenest option out there?

Energy Efficient – the Department of Energy’s Building Energy Goal is to reduce annual building energy use by 80% by the year 2050. That might seem like a long way off, but the DOE has already started to do so by encouraging more metal roof installations.

Sustainable – you are always hearing about the world’s forests being ruined by over-harvesting and bad business practices. While mining has it’s own drawbacks, metal is far more sustainable than other roofing material.

And the fact that metal roofs can be recycled and made into new roofs (or dozens of other products) just adds to its sustainability.

Really, you should be convinced by now that metal roofing is one of the greenest options there is! If you want a green roof, call us today!


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