Magnetic Sweeper Solves Everything (Almost)

After you finish working on your home repairs there are lots of little “spare” screws laying around. Do you really take the time to pick them all up? If there are small children or curious pets around, you probably should. Enter the: Hand Held Magnetic Sweep.

Metal Master Shop magnetic sweeper

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I’m Trying Not to Sound Like an Infomercial

But it’s hard because this is the most handy tool we’ve come across in a while. Less bending over. Less fumbling through your carpet or flower beds for errant nails and screws. Imagine what you will do with all your extra/ newfound time!

Who are we kidding, you’ll probably find another home improvement project to tackle just so that you can use your handy magnetic sweeper!

Problem Solved

As an added bonus, we do sell these tools on our site.
There. Problem solved.

Now we can start solving the biggies: world peace…



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