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Let’s talk seriously about your safety procedures

Safety Begins Before the Metal Roof or Gutter Installation Does Let’s talk seriously about your safety procedures. Standing seam metal roofs are an increasingly popular roof option for residential construction because of their durability and energy efficiency.  As with roof work, using any type of materials, construction employees working at heights of 6 feet or more must be protected […]

Metal Master Shop Back Pain

Save Your Back with Metal Roofing Installation

Did you know that a typical 2,000 square foot shingle roof weighs 5400 pounds and contains over 200 gallons of sticky, black crude oil? Beyond the environmental impact, have you ever thought about your human capital? Your employees and yourself are the ones to carry every single one of those 5,400 pounds. There must be […]

tool use seminar

Get the Edge

Why You Need One The Freund roller folding tool makes quick work of metal edges and is perfect for the roofing contractor or installer in your life. It’s a roofing tool that comes in varying sizes to accommodate pretty much any job. The sky is literally the limit. This edge roller, which looks a lot […]

Magnetic sweeper tool

Magnetic Sweeper Solves Everything (Almost)

After you finish working on your home repairs there are lots of little “spare” screws laying around. Do you really take the time to pick them all up? If there are small children or curious pets around, you probably should. Enter the: Hand Held Magnetic Sweep. Image Credit   I’m Trying Not to Sound Like […]