Our First Edition Print Newsletter. All For You!

Metal Master Shop girl on megaphoneOur customers are so important to us. Literally, we would not be here without you guys. And honestly, we are not overstating it when we say that we feel like we work with some of the greatest contractors in the world.

So, we are pretty excited to share our brand new print newsletter with you!


In Print

Geared toward our contractors and buyers, our very first edition of this newsletter is now available.

Why would we print this?

We love serving you and going out of our way to provide you with the latest tools to make your job easier.

Aren’t we nice?!

Just for You

We are excited to share more of our process and what we do with you through this print newsletter. Also, look for tons of sales and marketing tips, as well as business tips for installers and contractors.

Here’s the thing. If you are making more money through metal roofing, then that means we are too! Right? We love finding the win-win!

We hope you’ll check our new newsletter out and let us know what you think!


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