Coral Gables Embraces Copper Roofing

If you or your customer lives in the beautiful community of Coral Gables, be aware that your metal roof options will be limited to copper.

Copper Roofs with a Green Sheen

We’ve provided some copper panels to residents in this area of South Florida and want others to know that the city guidelines are pretty specific about it.

Copper roofing “in its natural state” is allowed. This means that there won’t be additional coatings or paints on the copper roof. It will be protected, as per our manufacturer’s guidelines, but will patina over time.

This chart shows the progression from that shiny copper orange that we all know so well to the classic green patina, reminiscent of old buildings in Europe.

copper patina roof colors PhotoCredit

Coral Gables: A Stand-Out Community with Great Attractions

venetian pool coral gables

If you want to know more about your copper metal roofing options, whether in or outside the Coral Gables community, please contact us today!


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