Highlights of the South Florida Metal Roofing Conference

We hope you attended and enjoyed the South Florida Metal Roofing Conference as much as we enjoyed putting it on for everyone!

The whole event was geared toward learning how to grow your business by selling metal roofing in the South Florida area.

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In case you weren’t there April 16 and 17, we wanted to go over what you missed.

Of course, whether you attended or not, you can always show up for the next one. That’s right – because of the outstanding reception this conference received, we’re already planning to do another one in the fall, around October or November!

What You Missed on Day 1

If you didn’t attend the first day of the conference, you missed some amazing presentations by impressive experts in the roofing industry. They included:

  • Brian Partyka – Executive Vice President of Business Development at Drexel Metals
  • Alex Miranda – Founder of The Creative Complex, a direct marketing agency in Miami
  • Kevin Jimeno – Partner of Alex Miranda at The Creative Complex marketing agency

You would have heard what makes metal roofing better than other types of roofing, particularly in the South Florida area. You also would have heard how to sell the benefits of these metal roofs to your customers.

And in perhaps one of the most eye-opening parts of the day, you would have discovered how to brand and market metal roofs to your current customers, as well as how to get new clients through social media and online marketing channels.

Demand was high for this first day, with every seat filled, plus a few extras from people who wanted to attend and wouldn’t take no for an answer!

What You Missed on Day 2

The first day of the conference was free to reserve a seat, while the second day was $525.

Why did we charge a fee on the second day? It’s because we were able to offer hands-on training through Drexel Metals, a multi-national company, that included a certification in metal roofing!

Along with the certification was a 25 year warranty backed by Drexel Metals for the installers and contractors who attended. This unprecedented offer makes it much easier for roofers to sell the idea of metal roofing to their customers.

As it turns out, demand for this training and certification was very high as well. On the second day, we were supposed to have 8 installers, but we ended up with 12 because of the demand!

Bright Future for Metal Roofing

Overall, it was a fantastic showing and a wonderful event! We’re excited to see that so many roofing installers, contractors, designers, and homeowners in the South Florida area are getting interested in metal roofing.

We’re planning another conference in the fall. While the topics aren’t decided yet, you can be sure you’ll get some excellent value from it as well.

We hope to see even more of you then!



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