Metal Roofing From Around the World

Metal roofing is becoming increasingly more popular around the world. For most of history, it was a limited option, but now metal has become the choice material for some of the world’s most prominent architecture.

From family homes to manufacturing, and to some of the greatest architectural designs of the age, metal is making its mark due to its strength, longevity, and infinite flexibility in style. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite metal roofs from the United States and around the globe.

Going on Tour


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Let’s begin our sightseeing in New Jersey. This amazing piece of architecture (sometimes called “The Flying Nun”) is the St. Aloysius Church in Jackson. Architect David McHenry used the concept from the Old Testament being housed in a tent as the inspiration of the design. The roof uses galvalume metal and, despite the impression created, was made entirely of straight panels.



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One of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen is the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, designed by world famous architect, Moshe Safdie. This jewel is nestled in the forests of the Ozarks, with the copper roofing meant to complement the natural beauty of the scene.



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The Boston Convention Center is one of the finest buildings in the country. The convention center amasses over 2.1 million square feet. This task was surely no small undertaking. The main roof is constructed with BEMO aluminum seamless panels.



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You know you’ve really made something cool when the most interesting thing in the image isn’t the dinosaur. Our first look at something overseas is the Jurassic Museum of Asturias, in Colunga, Spain. The roof is actually shaped as a giant tridactyl dinosaur footprint, and is covered in copper; a great material for protecting the priceless contents inside.



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St. Catherine’s Church (Reutlingen, Germany) is a testament to the durability of metal roofing, as its 120-year-old zinc tile roof is still in service. Zinc is especially popular in Europe, as it makes for great ornamentation for projects that are meant to last for generations.



Photo courtesy of Wener Otto/Getty Images.


Above is one of a series of magnificent pieces by architect, Frank Gehry, well known for his wacky creations. His use of metal as a primary building material in his structures is what allows for the extreme in his designs; without ever sacrificing strength or durability. Gehry combined stainless steel and red brick into an already existing building to turn a textile factory into a contemporary art museum.

Metal – For a Beautiful Roof That Will Outlast the Building it Lives On

When our customers are looking for a roof they will never have to replace, metal is rightly the first thing that comes to mind. Whether copper, zinc, steel, or aluminum, metal roofing has strength, longevity, and flexibility that is superior to any other roofing material.

From amazing contemporary designs to mission style homes, metal can fit any style of architecture, and that is what has made it so popular all around the world.


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