Do You Have A Cool Roof Like This?

“Cool roof” is a term that was coined quite recently by electric companies and Energy Star as well as roofing manufacturers to set a standard for certain types of roofing.Metal Master Shop woman relaxing in shade

As the name implies, cool roof references roofs that assist in keeping a home cooler in the hot Miami, Florida sun and also assist in keeping energy costs down.

Here are the main points of what a cool roof is:


In order to be rated a cool roof by the Florida Power & Light Company a roof has to be reflective. This reflection quality helps to reflect sunlight and heat away from a building, reducing roof temperatures.

High Thermal Emittance

This also plays a large role in being considered a cool roof especially in a climate like Miami, Florida where it is warm and sunny nearly year round.

Combined, these two properties will help roofs to absorb less heat and stay between 50 and 60 degrees cooler than conventional materials during peak summer weather.

Building owners and roofing contractors have used cool roofing products for more than 20 years on commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

They may be installed on low-slope roofs (such as the flat or gently sloping roofs typically found on commercial, industrial, and office buildings) or the steep-sloped roofs used in many residences and retail buildings.

The Energy Star program, the EPA and the Department of Energy help consumers and other purchasers identify the most energy-efficient roofing products. Roofing materials with the Energy Star label, have met minimum solar reflectance and reliability criteria.

Based on 2006 data from more than 150 Energy Star partners, shipments of cool roof products have grown to represent more than 25 percent of these manufacturers’ commercial roof products and roughly 10 percent of their residential roof products.

Benefits Of A Cool Roof

You can’t beat free money!  That is one thing I will never turn down, that’s for sure!

Cool roofs provide numerous benefits to homeowners, money wise and beyond.

Benefit of a Cool Roof #1

Reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. By lowering energy use, cool roofs decrease the production of greenhouse gases and therefore reduce overall pollution.  Quite the benefit to help keep those beautiful Miami beaches clean!

Benefit of a Cool Roof #2

Reduced energy use. As #1 implied, you will use less energy with a cool roof. The main reason is your roof will transfer less heat to the building below, so the building stays cooler and will result in less air conditioning which in turn saves energy.

Benefit of a Cool Roof #3

Improved health and comfort. Yes, believe it or not, cool roofs have been associated with better health! By keeping structures cooler they help to prevent heat related illnesses and deaths.

In addition to these added benefits, if you install a cool roof on an existing structure through the end of 2013 you may qualify for a federal tax credit! You should also read our blog (link to blog #1) about the rebate offered by the Florida Power & Light Company.

You have a tremendous opportunity for savings, so don’t miss out. If you have been considering a metal roof, now is the time to act and call us today!


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