Getting The Facts Straight: Dents and Metal Roofing

A lot of our Miami, Florida customers have come to us with questions about dents in their metal roofing due to hail. This is a common misconception that we are going to go over in this months “Getting the facts straight” series.

We are finding more and more people have questions come up over weather related issues. This is to be expected, as your new metal roof is constantly exposed to the elements and is responsible for protecting the things you love most. So lets discuss dents to your metal roof.

The Florida Weather Factor

Anyone who lives in Miami or Florida generally knows that you have to take the weather into consideration with everything you do. It is a part of our everyday lives. During the summer months Florida is more prone the thunderstorms that any other place in the US.

This is due to a few factors. We have an unstable atmosphere due to all the sun beating down on the pavement. This warms the air and makes it unstable near the ground. Then, the sea breeze lifts the air upwards to combine with the cooler air above. And lastly there has to be enough moisture in the atmosphere to make clouds. Can you say hello humidity? For more facts on Florida’s weather go here.

The reason we talk about thunderstorms a lot is because it is the most common threat to our well being here. Yes, there are larger threats such as tropical storms and hurricanes, but those are not as frequent.

And the reason we are talking about thunderstorms today is because they produce HAIL. Severe thunderstorms are classified by winds in excess of 58 mph, hail one inch in diameter or larger, or a tornado. Take a minute and picture the damage that a one inch ball of hail could do!

Don’t Tread On My Metal Roof


My metal roofing is more advanced than your shingle roof. I guarantee it.

Most metal roof systems have to pass something called the UL2218 Impact Resistance testing at the Class IV level. That is a way of saying it has to pass a lot of testing! Florida also has some of the most stringent roofing laws in the country. So if it isn’t passing, it isn’t going up in Miami!

You will get some great advantages from all of this testing. The biggest one being metal roofing does not lose it’s impact resistance over time as traditional roofing materials do.

In most situations, metal roofs can withstand DECADES of abuse from extreme weather like hail and high winds. This all boils down to one statement: You will almost never get dents in your metal roof.

Another big advantage is you may be eligible with a discount on your home insurance premiums. Don’t believe me? Go ask your insurance agent. You’ll be thanking me later.

How many times in the last big winds you remember coming through, did it blow shingles off your roof? How much time and money have you wasted up on the roof replacing those outdated, archaic beasts of shingles?

If you had installed one of my metal roofs you wouldn’t be up there at all. Today’s metal roofs have a 150 mph wind rating, (which is equal to an F2 tornado just in case you were wondering). Meaning your metal roof will not blow off in the wind like your shingles do.

The only question I have left is, what are you waiting for? Come in today to Metal Master Shop and pick out your new roof!


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