Top 4 Types of Metal Roof Installation Tools

Metal Master Shop roofing insulation materialWe have been getting a lot of questions from our Miami, Florida customers lately about doing a metal roof installation right. With an investment to purchase a new roof it is important to protect that investment. We are in complete agreement on that point!

So let us give you our most valuable tip to properly install your new metal roof and protect your investment.

Invest in and use the proper tools for the job and use them RIGHT!

Seems pretty easy right? So let’s go over what tools you are going to need.

Installation Tools For Metal Roofing

The first really great thing I have to tell you, is that not all of these tools require you to purchase them. We rent a few of them and I will tell you which ones as we are going over them. See I already saved you money.

The other thing I want to point out before we move onto the list of things is that anything you buy or rent from us, we will give you lessons on and show you the proper technique to use each tool. This is important as you can damage the metal roof if you are installing it wrong or using a tool incorrectly. See, I just saved you money again! You’re welcome.


The number one item you have to have to install a metal roof is a seamer. There are two types of seamers, manual and electric. The manual is available for purchase, the electric you could purchase, but I do rent these as they are quite expensive to buy.

The seam is a line, ridge, or groove formed from fitting, joining, or lapping two components. The seamer joins these two points together. Here is a quick video to demonstrate it.

No way around it, you have to have one of these. Again, we will show you how to use it if purchased/rented from us.

Cutting and Measuring Tools

The second necessity are your cutting tools and measuring tools. The really nice thing about these are they would be usable on other projects.

There are numerous ones available in the cutting tools. My main suggestion is to get a QUALITY tool. A quality tool will last a long time, be easier to use, and will give you cleaner lines. Come see us for more information on cutting tools.

Bending and Forming Tools

Thirdly, you will want to have some manual bending and forming tools. These come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. There is a large range of what they will do as well.

To find the best of these tools, ask us when you purchase the roof based on what you want it to look like. That way we can help you find the best tool for your job. And again, we will give you technical support on these tools.

Everything Else

Lastly, you have the “odds and ends” of the tools. These include a drill for obvious reasons. You will want a puncher, to punch holes in the metal making the screw sink cleanly. You will also want a soldering tool to solder the ends. We do sell soldering tools as well and we can train you on how to use them.

You will also need brackets and screws. Once we have the dimensions for your new roof, we can put together a packet for you that will have the perfect brackets and screws that you’ll need. It is important that you use the right type of metal screws with your roof. We will make sure you get the right type and the perfect amount.

My main recommendation is that if you have any doubts or questions on your installation or the tools, don’t struggle with it! We offer technical support on our tools and are more than happy to show you the proper way to use them.



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