Getting The Facts Straight: Noise and metal roofing

There is a famous country song by a lady named Julie Roberts called “Rain on a Tin Roof” that always conjures up that image in your head of a pounding summer rainstorm and laying in bed listening to it.

While I agree the song is beautiful, could you imagine having to listen to rain pounding your roof all the time? I mean, it rains a lot in South Florida. In Miami we average just shy of 60 inches a year!

One of our most frequently asked questions from customers is about noise on a new metal roof. Most people think it will be extremely noisy.

It’s an understandable concern. Have you even kicked a can or knocked on metal? It really is noisy.

Your metal roof however will not be. This is a common myth that we need to dispel right away.

Rain On A Metal Roof

You won’t have to listen to the rain on your metal roof or hardly anything else. I say hardly because if a meteor falls on the roof, you will probably hear it. There is always an exception!

There is one very simple reason I can say with absolute certainty that you shouldn’t believe this myth.

When a metal roof is installed there is a protective sheathing that is applied between the roof structure of your home and the metal itself. This protective sheathing is noise dampening thus reducing what noise actually makes it into your home.

Metal roofs are actually quieter in the home than a traditional asphalt roof. This is due largely in part to the installation process and that protective sheathing installed between the metal and the actual roof.

Getting the Metal Master Shop Ready

We have been doing some updates to the Metal Master Shop. We are excited about our remodeling project that will enable us to get those metal roofs ready quickly for you.

Metal Roofing Tools Seminar

We also held a tool seminar for anyone that wanted to come. We had a great turnout and it was a lot of fun.

We did training for anyone that wanted to come on the most commonly used tools in creating metal roofing and installing it.

This all ties back to our blog about a month ago about making sure you were using the rightMetal Roof Tool Seminar tools to install a metal roof.

We have any tool you might need to install a metal roof and we offer you free training on any tools you buy or rent from us.

You do need special tools when installing that metal roof correctly. This will help you get the best sound proofing as well.

So when you come in to order your custom metal roof don’t forget to stop at the tool section  and pick up whatever you might need there as well.


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