Here’s Why You’ll Love the Folding Tool!

We wanted to spotlight some useful tools that our contractor customers love to use for metal roof installation, and we think the folding tool is a great place to start. We sold out of this folding tool just two days after we started selling it! That’s a good sign that it’s worth sharing, don’t you think?

The Folding Tool

When thinking about the folding tool, ask yourself: How easy is it to bend the edges of sheet metal while installing roof panels?

This folding tool makes it fast, easy, and accurate! It’s designed to create quick bends along the drip edge of flat-pan standing-seam metal roofing panels. The tool features lightweight strength, and it’s great for either overhead work—such as with installed panels—or bench work!

Talk to us for more information on the Malco DEFT drip edge folding tool or to ask us any questions you might have. We’re excited to share this amazing product with our contractors!



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