Premium Copper Roofing – Attractive and Functional

Roofing is more about being functional. The roof is one of the biggest contributors to the overall look and feel of your home. If you’re unhappy with the way that a roof looks, it doesn’t matter how functional the material may be. The trick is to find a style of roofing that looks attractive to you while securing your house adequately. Amongst metal roofing materials, premium copper roofing is often chosen for just this reason. Copper roofing has a distinct look to it that is very alluring, especially on homes with wooden exteriors. A copper roof actually changes color over its lifetime, achieving an elegant jade-like tone after a few years. Additionally, it provides excellent advantages over conventional roofing materials in terms of safety, strength, and durability. Between its aesthetic grace and its practical benefits, copper roofing is one metal roofing material that you should definitely consider.

The Practical Benefits of Copper Roofing
Copper metal roofing is very versatile, offering many practical benefits over more conventional roofing materials like asphalt shingles and shake. A copper roof tends to last much longer than these materials, and many have been known to last for over a hundred years. Taking the time and effort to maintain the roof when required is a key aspect of keeping the roof looking great. Longevity is never something which is guaranteed, but it’s far more likely with copper roofing.

In terms of safety, copper roofing provides excellent protection against common hazards like fire and flooding. Copper roofs are inflammable, meaning that they won’t catch flame like materials based on asphalt. There’s no reason to take unnecessary risks when your family and belongings are on the line. Copper roofing performs well year after year, even in areas which are highly prone to fires. Flooding is also less of an issue if copper roof shingles adorn your home. So long as it’s properly installed, this kind of metal roofing material can withstand torrential downpours without any water leaking inside your home. The best installations use a second layer underneath the copper shingles to provide the very best in flood protection.

Additionally, copper roofing shares many of the common advantages that metal roofing materials exhibit. They’re lightweight, meaning that they put less stress on the structural supports of your home. This means that you can get by with less supports, cutting down on labor costs involved with installation. The supports you do have won’t be bearing as much of a load, making them less susceptible to strain over the years. This is one of the reasons why copper roofs last for so long. It’s also why it’s so common to see a copper roof in areas that suffer heavy snowfalls every year. Snow can add quite a lot of weight to the roof. With copper roofing, this won’t cause catastrophic failure or collapse.

Aesthetic Benefits of Copper Roofing

It’s well known that copper roofing is one of the best materials in terms of practicality. Where this metal roofing material truly shines, though, is in its distinct look. With a copper roof, you’re sharing a look that distinguishes many famous structures around the world, including the Statue of Liberty. While copper first has an amber shimmer to it, over the years it reacts with environment in a process called ‘patina.’ The copper roof becomes coated in a jade green layer which looks incredibly elegant. In addition to this enhanced aesthetic, the patina also protects the rest of the copper roofing material, ensuring that no corrosion damage can occur. Sometimes beauty isn’t just about good looks. In the case of a copper roof, that which provides its distinct look also provides increased protection from the elements.

Premium Copper Roofing
Copper roofing is an excellent choice for any who want their roof to be more than something which is merely functional. When installing copper roofing, make sure to ask for the very best. This is the only way to ensure that you’re getting the full potential of this material in terms of safety, security, and beauty. A premium copper roof provides an amazing look to any building it is installed in, whether a home, office, or business.

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