The South Florida Metal Roofing Conference

We are very excited to announce another South Florida Metal Roofing Conference in Spring 2014. Our last one was such a success that we have decided to hold one every 6 months for as long as they continue to serve our community of roofers and homeowners.

The Details

What: Day 1- Seminar about Marketing and Metal Roof Business Practices

Day 2- Certification Workshop for Metal Roof Installations to become Metal Master Shop Certified and Drexel Metals Gold Standard Warranty Certified

When: April 16-17, 2014

The purpose: Grow Your Business With Metal Roofs!

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The Line-Up of Experts

On April 16th, we will be honored to hear from several experts who can change your business in incredible ways. If you want to use metal roofs as a part of your business offerings for clients in the South Florida area, you will learn how to market them to reach your business goals (and maybe even surpass them!).

drexel metals

Brian Partyka, The Executive Vice President of Business Development at Drexel Metals, is a valued partner of Metal Master Shop and the co-sponsor of this conference.

He’ll be covering some important topics about metal roofs:

  • Benefits of metal roofs over other kinds

  • Why metal roofs are the best kind of roof for South Florida

  • Why you should be installing them in your customer’s roofs

  • How to sell the benefits of metal roofs to your customers

creative complexAlex Miranda, Founder of The Creative Complex which is a Miami-based direct marketing agency for small to medium businesses.

He’ll be sharing tips on how to brand and market metal roofs to your current customers as well as getting more customers through metal roof sales.

Kevin Jimeno, a Partner of Alex Miranda at The Creative Complex marketing agency.

He’ll be talking about increasing clients through social media and online marketing for your roofing business.

How do I sign up?!


So now that I’ve convinced you of the real value of this conference, let me throw a little more fuel on the fire.

What we really want to do is provide this information and expertise to the roofers and industry leaders in our area. We are not looking to make a profit or get more green in our pockets. We know the value of metal roofs and we want to share that knowledge with you.

So we are doing something that might surprise you.

Yes, it’s true that we are requiring a retainer fee to reserve your seat for the conference but we’ll be giving that back if you attend. So, in essence, it’s FREE.

That’s all well and good, you might say, but what about the no-shows? Are you planning to make some money on the people who plan to come but then decide not to?

No! We really truly want everyone to attend our conference. We know what it can do for your business. To put our money where our mouth is, then, we are going to donate $125.00 for every retainer fee that goes unclaimed. The beneficiary of these unclaimed seats is the charity Jose’s Hands.

Sign up now!

There’s no deadline to sign up, even if you are reading this on April 15. However you’ll want to sign up as quickly as possible because we have limited seats and they won’t stay vacant for long.

Hopefully we’ll see you there!


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