Will A Metal Roof Rust?

A common concern that we hear in Metal Master shop is the question, “Will a metal roof rust?” The idea that metal rusts so a metal roof must rust too is the common response. And we’ve all seen those awful red, cracked tin roofs on shacks along the side of the road in the boondocks.

The truth is, metal roofing has come a long way and if you get a good quality product with the right kind of protective coating for your climate, your roof should last you a long time.

In Miami, Florida, the obviously source of corrosion is water. Humidity, hurricane rain, and ocean spray all create a very serious potential for damaged roofs. We manufacture here in Miami and we know what we are up against. In fact, there are building codes protecting the roofs within a mile or two of the beach by only allowing certain roofing materials to be used.

Other sources of corrosion and damage include: acid rain, acidic animal waste such as from birds, fertilizers, heat and sunlight, scratches from debris and hail.

So, “Will a metal roof rust?” Not necessarily. Get the right roof and you’ll be fine!


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