The Obvious Truth About Black Roofs

We’ve all been there. In the sun. At the beach. Wearing a black shirt. And BAKING in that heat! You’ve heard that black absorbs the sun’s rays while white reflects them. Well, that’s basically true.

Oftentimes, people ask about metal roof colors and how it affects the heating of the house and energy savings. Especially in this hot Miami, Florida weather.

There are several considerations to remember when deciding on color, not the least of which is how it looks with the overall style of the building.

Here’s a quick visual on the basics of black and white. Everything else will be somewhere between the two.

*NOTE: some black roofs can be treated with a reflective coating that greatly diminishes the absorption of sunlight but it won’t be as dramatic as a white surface to begin with.

Ask us for details and we can help you find what’s best for you and your project!


White Roofs VS Black Roofs

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