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Installing Metal Wall Panels

Are you looking for something completely different?

Many people are choosing metal wall panels because it adds interest to any space weather commercial or residential. Metal can compliment your decor in ways you didn’t think possible. In this short video you can see the basic steps of installing metal panels.

Let your creativity run free! Panels can be placed in different directions, therefore many colors can be included! Because they are made to interlock with each other, different  profiles can be combined into your design. This will result in added interest and design appeal.

Keep in Mind

It is important to note that installation must begin from the bottom up. This will ensure a more even outcome. Metal panels easily snap in place interlocking with each other. Before you start, remember that the condition of the wall is important. Metal wall panels look beautiful, but if your wall structure is uneven, you will likely experiment difficulty during installation.

Avoid the mistake of leaving the plastic on. You must remove the protective wrap before beginning the installation. Removal after the fact will result challenging. You also run the risk of leaving pieces of plastic in between the panels.
Customers agree that metal wall panels are a great way to add style to exterior as well as interior spaces! Metal adds personality to a room. It is also so simple that you can install it on your own if you’d like!


There are so many options available sure to meet even the most demanding tastes and requirements. Customers can find this and many other products at our shop. CALL METAL MASTER SHOP TODAY! 305.261.9290. We will be happy to walk you through the many choices!

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